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The Power of Being Led by the Spirit in Business with Coach Brooke DeBoer

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Do you ever wonder if you are the only one who is experiencing what you are in your business? You aren’t alone! We are talking with fellow Christian business coach, Brooke DeBoer today about her journey of being led by the Holy Spirit. Grab a cup of coffee or a mug of tea, because this women in business podcast episode is an amazing conversation about being led by the Spirit in business in a very noisy world. We pray you are as encouraged by The Power of Being Led by the Spirit in Business with Coach Brooke DeBoer as we were!

Go to the Lord First 

Brooke talks about being the expert of filtering out all of the “shoulds” of the world. When you feel like the world is being very loud, it’s always best to go to the Lord first to see what he has to say first, and then bring in your guides, friends, or coach. Remember to go to the Lord first in everything we do.

You Probably Already Know the Answers

As a coach, our job is to help draw the answers out of our clients. They most likely already know what they want or need to do, they just need a little help seeing what that is. Brooke equates herself to being a sherpa. She’s helping her clients carry their bags, and go on the quickest path to the top – but ultimately, they are the ones doing the hard work. She says she is there to help them, but she can’t do the work for them.

Multi-Passionate Women and Pivoting in Business

We’re good at so many things. And there are so many choices – we can do anything. But that can almost be more overwhelming because there are so many options. Sometimes it requires us to try some things and find out what you don’t want to do first. In addition, we often do what we want and forget to go to the Lord first. We often want to plan so far in advance, but many times God just wants us to do the next right thing. Just remember, all that you’ve experienced isn’t wasted. Every experience we have leads us to where we are right now. 

What Does My Voice Matter?

It’s easy to think that there are so many people out there doing what I want to do, why should I do it. But if you were around the table with your family, would you stay silent with them? If it matters to them, it matters to others. It might not mean you’ll become famous, but maybe your voice is for one person. If that’s what the Lord has called you to, that matters. Your story also matters, and it’s the best place to start when you’re building a business.

When Is It Time to Invest in a Business Coach

A coach can help you filter through the noise and chaos and then move in a more focused direction. Think about NFL football players – they would never go on a field without a coach. The same should be true for us as business owners – we need a coach to help us step out onto the field and be at our best.

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