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Receiving Immediate Feedback and Adjusting Your Offer in Your Business

Graphic for a women's christian business podcast that says episode 10 do you want fries with that: receiving immediate feedback and adjusting your offer.

We’re in our final week of the Do You Want Fries With That Series on Selling! This week we’re wrapping it up by talking about receiving immediate feedback and adjusting your offer in your business. Sometimes what we’re offering isn’t what people want or need and you need to make some adjustments to your product. This doesn’t mean throwing out your whole funnel – it means it’s time to look at what needs to be tweaked. 

Do You Need to Adjust Your Offer?

Ray Croc, founder of McDonald’s, was in pursuit of the world’s most efficient hamburger. He put a small spin on his hamburger, to set his restaurant apart from all the other restaurants. What small tweaks do you need to make to refine your offer? 

Are You Asking for Immediate Feedback?

The best way to know what tweaks you need to make to adjust your offer in your business is to ask for feedback. Having easy ways to gather feedback throughout your workflow and funnel will encourage your clients or even the clients who say no, to give you helpful feedback. Do you have easy ways to get reviews and testimonials from your audience?

Also, remember that the people giving you feedback will carry a different weight. An ideal client’s feedback is going to have more weight than someone who isn’t your ideal client or who has never purchased from you. Use your judgment as you accept and receive feedback.

Adjusting Your Offer

It’s time to take action and receive immediate feedback and adjust your offer in your business. Asking for feedback is the first step, but then it’s time to actually make some changes. This doesn’t mean a whole reboot, but maybe some small changes in your process. Feedback can also give you insight to an area of your business where you need help. Do you need to hire an expert to help in an area to help you fill in a gap? 

Receiving Immediate Feedback and Adjusting Your Offer in Your Business can be a helpful strategy ! As you evaluate this strategy, know when it’s the right time to ask for feedback. Think through the follow questions as you run through our ADDS Model: 

  • Am I afraid of the feedback and I don’t really want to know what people are saying?
  • Can I absorb more information right now or is this a busy season and receiving more information will just be overwhelming?
  • Am I willing to implement the feedback that I do receive? 

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