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We’ve reached week #3 of our Summer Sabbatical Playlist. Today is a great episode to listen to as we start to turn our minds toward this fall, and the results we’re still working towards in our business for 2024.  While platforms like YouTube and Pinterest offer a plethora of resources, we’re talking all about how […]

Two Women business owners who have a Christian business podcast for women are sitting backwards in chairs with the words How and when to hire your first or next business coach.

How to Hire a Coach

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Today we’re doing a replay of one of our popular episodes! We’re challenging the status quo and diving into the truth about $1K months and why this might be exactly where you need to start—and even stay—in your entrepreneurial journey. We’re breaking down the truth about $1k months and… Join us for this insightful episode […]

A graphic of two women business podcasters who have their hands up and are looking at each other and asking the question why is no one talking about 1k months.

The Truth About $1K Months

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We’ve all done it: you sit down with your journal to pray for your business…and then…you don’t know what to pray. You know you want to pray, but when you don’t know how or what to pray for, it’s easy to skip altogether. Today, we’re diving into a vital yet often overlooked tool for our […]

How to Pray for Your Business Every Day

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In The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s desire to be able to “go where the people are” drives her to sell her voice to the evil Ursula in exchange for human legs. In order to make her true love fall for her, she has to do it without her voice. Without knowing your voice in business, no […]

Two Christian women who are podcasters sitting with a yellow background and a graphic that says strategies for sharing your business for their Christian podcast for women business owners.

Strategies for Sharing Your Message

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Every business owner needs a coach. You simply cannot navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship without an external perspective. In today’s episode of our women in business podcast, we dive into the advantages of having the right coach by your side in business. Whether you’re hiring a social media coach, a financial coach, or a business […]

Two women Christian business podcast looking at their computers with a graphic that says don't hire a coach before asking these three questions.

How to Hire a Coach For a Christian Business

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Are you prepared to repel people in your business? Today’s women in business podcast episode is a vulnerable one as Lisa shares her personal struggles with this idea and the mindset shifts she had to make in her own business. There is power in attracting the right people by repelling the wrong ones and freedom […]

Two Christian women business owners sit on either side of an orange couch discussing their podcast about how repelling people grows your business.

How Repelling People Grows Your Business

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Courtney Robinson, a style mentor and speaker, is breaking down the connection between faith and fashion. We’re talking all about the importance of reflecting one’s values and beliefs through personal style. As always on the podcast, our guest is giving us practical tips for choosing clothes that fit well and advises creating a capsule wardrobe. […]

A Christian business podcast for women about style advice and confidence with Courtney Robinson.

Style Advice for Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to another episode of our Christian Business podcast, where we delve into what it truly means to be a CEO of your own business. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, understanding the role of a CEO is crucial for sustainable growth and making a positive impact. As Christian podcasts for women […]

Two women who are Christian business owners and who host a podcast for Christian women who are in business sit on chairs with a graphic that says Embracing the role of CEO in your business.

How to Embrace the Role of CEO

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Do you ever find yourself struggling with feelings of just wanting to fit in with everyone else and then feeling like you’re in competition with other business owners? It’s all too common to feel a sense of scarcity, leading to jealousy, resentment, and desperation. We want to stand out, but we don’t know how. We […]

Two women Christian business owners sitting back to back and talking about how to embrace your uniqueness and value in their Christian business podcast for women.

How to Embrace Your Value and Uniqueness

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Welcome to today’s Christian podcasts for women episode, where we dive into strategies to help you thrive in your business endeavors while staying true to your faith. If you’re a woman in business seeking to make more money in your business, this episode is for you. Like many entrepreneurs, I once found myself drowning in […]

A graphic of a phone with two women Christian business owners who have a podcast about the importance of your client journey.

Why You Need A Client Journey