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You don’t have to feel behind when the calendar rolls from one year to the next. You can actually put your business ahead by doing some work now in December. What you need is an action plan. On today’s podcast we’re not only talking about how to create that action plan, but also why you […]

A podcast cover for a Christian womens business podcast about why you should plan for the new year in the 4th quarter.

Why You Should Plan for the New Year in the 4th Quarter

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Happy Sales Overload Week! You get so much thrown at you this week for Black Friday! And there will be some great sales out there – with good advertising that pulls you in. We want to help you make solid decisions about what to buy, and not buy, this weekend! This is a great weekend […]

A phone graphic for a Christian Womens Business podcast of a woman in a yellow sweatshirt talking with her hands and words that say Business Buyer Beware: Don't get Duped.

Business Buyer Beware: Don’t Get Duped

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Wherever you go, you bring your energy with you. When Sarah was a school administrator, no matter what meeting she had just attended – which might have been heated – she had to work hard to bring the right energy with her as she went about the building. The same goes for Lisa in her […]

A yellow graphic of a woman throwing paper at the camera for a Christian women's business podcast about sowing seeds of despiration in your business.

Are You Sowing Seeds of Desperation in Your Business?

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Are you ready for a curveball in your business like a medical diagnosis, an accident, or some other crisis you might face? Find out what you need to do in your business when life throws you a curveball and how our special guest, Jennifer Starbuck, responded to her own crisis that came her way in […]

A light blue and dark blue graphic for a Christian women's business podcast with Jennifer Starbuck about what to do in your business when life throws you a curveball.

What To Do In Your Business When Life Throws You A Curveball: With Jennifer Starbuck

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It’s really easy to get stuck in a cycle of thinking “I’m not a success” or “my business isn’t working” and it can be downright discouraging! But it’s not necessarily true – we’re just stuck in a moment. We have to have a way to define success and measure it so we can see clearly […]

A white background with two Christian women business owners who have a podcast called the Christian business breakdown. The image is a phone with a picture of two women sitting back to back on an orange couch talking about how to redefine success and encouragement for entrepreneurs.

Redefining Success: Encouragement for Entrepreneurs

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It’s that time of year! We are out of the start of the school year honeymoon period and we’re about to be thrust into the holiday season. We’re just stuck in October. So what is nourishing your soul in this season? It’s time for a breath of fresh air to bring a little new life […]

This graphic for a Christian business podcast for women has a phone with the picture of two christian business owners looking at a laptop and working together while talking about what is nourshing their souls this season.

What’s Nourishing Your Soul in this Season?

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We’ve all been there: on the edge of a breakdown. The overwhelm comes, the stress gets to us and our brain goes “that’s enough!” It looks different for everyone, which can make it a challenge to identify when it’s coming. But there are always red flags we can pay attention to. Today we’re breaking down […]

This graphic of two Christian women business owners sitting up against a wall with graphics for a podcast about navigating breakdowns in your business and are you ignoring red flags.

Navigating Breakdowns: Are You Ignoring the Red Flags?

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Luck favors the prepared. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Or Sarah’s personal favorite, Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance. Whatever saying you choose, they are all true – especially when it comes to Black Friday Sales. The pressure is on to do a sale or Cyber Monday special during Thanksgiving week […]

This episode of the Christian Business Breakdown Podcast for Christian business women is all about how to be prepared for black friday sales and shows a graphic of two entrepreneurs working on computers while sitting on orange couches.

The Power of Preparation: How to Have a Successful Black Friday Sale

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You asked. We answered. This is a question we’ve gotten a lot: what’s the difference between being a Christ-owned business and being a Christed-based business. It really comes down to which kind of audience you want to serve. We’re breaking down how you can decide what’s going to be best for you  and your business […]

A graphic for a Christian womens Business podcast with two circles with headshots for two Christian business owners and the words Godly Entrepreneurship- How Godly-Entrepreneurship-How to Show Up as a Christian In Your Business

Godly Entrepreneurship: How to Show Up as a Christian In Your Business

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Today on the women in business podcast, we’re highlighting the story of Lisa’s other biz bestie, Jo Espejo! She is a branding photographer from Florida who has learned the power of pivoting and aligning her business with her values. Listen in as she talks about nailing her niche and how she exploded her business last […]

A picture of a Christian woman business owner sitting on the floor in front of a table with the graphic about nailing your niche for your business.

Nailing Your Niche: How Special Guest Jo Espejo Exploded Her Business Last Year