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In today’s episode, we’re breaking down the power of mastermind groups, retreats, and workshops as vehicles for success in the upcoming year for your business on our women in business podcast. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback surrounding masterminds, many of us hesitate to invest in them. But why is that? Spend a few minutes with […]

Two women Christian business owners looking at each other as they are talking about mastermind mindset for their Christian Business podcast for women.

Cultivating a Mastermind Mindset

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What happens when we forget to look back on our progress? Taking time to remember isn’t always at the top of our to do list, but today on the women in business podcast, we’re exploring how powerful this practice can be for business growth. Just as throughout the Old and New Testaments, individuals and communities […]

Two Christian women business owners sit back to back and talk about the power of taking time to remember for business growth for their christian business podcast for women.

The Power of Taking Time to Remember for Business Growth

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In today’s Christian podcasts for women episode, we’re breaking down a common challenge in the business world – Content Creation. In the ever-evolving landscape of branding, content has become the cornerstone of marketing. It’s the free marketing tool that everyone needs, but it comes with its own set of struggles. Join us as we explore […]

Two Christian women who are podcasters are sitting on 2 white chairs with a graphic overlay talking about their podcast about content creation.

Achievable Content Creation: 3 Keys To Making it Easy

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Today we’re breaking down why being clear is actually an act of kindness in our businesses, for ourselves, our clients, and our team. Often, we omit essential details, attempting to be “nice” by avoiding topics like pricing or refund policies. However, this lack of clarity can leave our clients and team members feeling disconnected and […]

Two Christian women business owners and podcasters sit looking at a graphic that is talking about being clear and kind in your business.

Being Clear is Kind When It Comes to Your Christian Business

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Today on the podcast we have a special guest! We have Sarah Light, founder and creator of Sol Planners, a paper planner designed for the female entrepreneur who is goal-oriented and wants to make the most of their time. Her love of all things stationery, fonts, and beautiful design began in 7th grade when she […]

Christian womens business podcast with graphic with a woman holding a coffee cup with a stack of planners.

Aligning Your Values and Your Schedule In Your Business with Sarah Light

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Do you ever wonder if you are the only one who is experiencing what you are in your business? You aren’t alone! We are talking with fellow Christian business coach, Brooke DeBoer today about her journey of being led by the Holy Spirit. Grab a cup of coffee or a mug of tea, because this […]

A woman standing and leaning looking at the camera promoting a Christian womens business podcast about the power of being led by the spirit in business.

The Power of Being Led by the Spirit in Business with Coach Brooke DeBoer

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As former teachers, we firmly believe in the power of education, and often, when asked about our best business advice, the resounding answer is to invest in education. In today’s women in business podcast episode, we’ll explore the various ways you can invest in business education and help you navigate the best path based on […]

Two Christian women business owners and podcasters standing looking at each other with their palms up and wondering how to choose the right path when investing in business education.

How to Choose the Right Path When Investing in Business Education

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In today’s episode of our Christian podcasts for women, we open up about the common misconception of going it alone in the world of entrepreneurship. Often, we believe that the plethora of resources available on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest can guide us through every step. However, as we delve into the realities of pursuing […]

How and when to hire your first or next business coach. A graphic of two busines women who are podcasters and christian business coaches.

How and When to Hire Your First or Next Business Coach

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How do you get people an incredible transformation in just 60 minutes? On today’s women in business podcast, we’re pulling back the curtain with a behind the scenes look at our Empowerment Calls. Today we’re sharing a short clip from one of our calls with Artist and Business Owner, Sarah Jones. Her business exploded and […]

Two christian women and podcasters sitting on and near a couch with a graphic for Christian women's business podcast about how to get your life back.

How to Get Your Life Back: Empowering Sarah Jones with Jonesy Art

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In this episode of our Christian Business podcast, we’re all about reflection and taking a moment to look back at what has brought us to where we are today in our women in business podcast journey. As believers, we understand the importance of learning from the past to make intentional plans for the future. Join […]

A yellow background with a phone on it with two christian business women who are podcasters breaking pencils with the words, 4 game changing lessons we learned in our business.

4 Game-Changing Lessons from Starting Our Own Christian Business Podcast