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Every business owner needs a coach. You simply cannot navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship without an external perspective. In today’s episode of our women in business podcast, we dive into the advantages of having the right coach by your side in business. Whether you’re hiring a social media coach, a financial coach, or a business […]

Two women Christian business podcast looking at their computers with a graphic that says don't hire a coach before asking these three questions.

How to Hire a Coach For a Christian Business

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Are you prepared to repel people in your business? Today’s women in business podcast episode is a vulnerable one as Lisa shares her personal struggles with this idea and the mindset shifts she had to make in her own business. There is power in attracting the right people by repelling the wrong ones and freedom […]

Two Christian women business owners sit on either side of an orange couch discussing their podcast about how repelling people grows your business.

How Repelling People Grows Your Business

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Courtney Robinson, a style mentor and speaker, is breaking down the connection between faith and fashion. We’re talking all about the importance of reflecting one’s values and beliefs through personal style. As always on the podcast, our guest is giving us practical tips for choosing clothes that fit well and advises creating a capsule wardrobe. […]

A Christian business podcast for women about style advice and confidence with Courtney Robinson.

Style Advice for Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to another episode of our Christian Business podcast, where we delve into what it truly means to be a CEO of your own business. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, understanding the role of a CEO is crucial for sustainable growth and making a positive impact. As Christian podcasts for women […]

Two women who are Christian business owners and who host a podcast for Christian women who are in business sit on chairs with a graphic that says Embracing the role of CEO in your business.

How to Embrace the Role of CEO

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Do you ever find yourself struggling with feelings of just wanting to fit in with everyone else and then feeling like you’re in competition with other business owners? It’s all too common to feel a sense of scarcity, leading to jealousy, resentment, and desperation. We want to stand out, but we don’t know how. We […]

Two women Christian business owners sitting back to back and talking about how to embrace your uniqueness and value in their Christian business podcast for women.

How to Embrace Your Value and Uniqueness

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Welcome to today’s Christian podcasts for women episode, where we dive into strategies to help you thrive in your business endeavors while staying true to your faith. If you’re a woman in business seeking to make more money in your business, this episode is for you. Like many entrepreneurs, I once found myself drowning in […]

A graphic of a phone with two women Christian business owners who have a podcast about the importance of your client journey.

Why You Need A Client Journey

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Welcome to the Christian Business Breakdown, where we delve into the intersection of faith, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Today, we’re thrilled to have Kelly Roach on our show. Kelly is not only a business expert but also a mentor who guides entrepreneurs in mastering the game of entrepreneurship. Her mission resonates deeply with our audience—helping […]

This Christian women's business podcast cover photo bears the images of three christian women entrepreneurs and talks about how you can live by your values and generate wealth in business.

How to Generate Wealth in Business

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Help! My offer isn’t converting! We’ve all been there – had a moment of panic about our offer not selling and our first reaction is to change everything. In today’s women in business podcast episode, we delve into a common dilemma faced by entrepreneurs – what to do when your offer isn’t selling. Often, the […]

A picture of two woman Christian business owners and podcasters looking at the camera with a description that says "Help! My offer isn't converting".

What to do When Your Offer Isn’t Converting!

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With the podcasting industry booming and over 500 million listeners in 2024, it’s no surprise that many business owners, especially Christian women in business, are considering starting their own podcasts. But before you jump on the bandwagon, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of podcasting to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your […]

This podcast for Christian women business owners is all about the idea of "should I start a podcast" and has a graphic of a dark haired woman holding a podcasting mic and talking to another Christian business owner.

Should I Start a Podcast?

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Today on the women in business podcast, we’re excited to be talking with Sherry Ward, CEO of Square Tree Publishing. Her company helps authors write books and they are also moving into the realm of movies. Don’t think you are an author? Tune in to today’s podcast to learn how you can leverage a book […]

A picture of a Christian business author and book writer about how writing a book for your Christian business might be a good idea!

Writing a Book for Your Business